B2B Outbound tours

VN Holidays sets up a B2B Outbound team under “Overseas Travel” to sell land tour for oversea’s Inbound Tour Operators. The main purposes of this Global Travel Network platform is to representing you, to empowers, distribute your travel services & your tour products in Vietnam outbound market and most importantly to evaluate and approaching to the potential local Vietnam Outbound Tour Operators, the right person in charge and Management’s board.

Before partnership with overseas Inbound Tour Operators, we carefully do study your strengths and each country we strictly represent for only one selected partner. The tour products for Vietnamese passengers are ranging from easy travel up to luxury V.I.P arrangements which cover leisure sightseeing tours to M.I.C.E, honeymoon vacations, shopping tours, beach vacations or golf arrangements. Currently, the main destinations that we are being representing for are :-

:: Australia >> EC Travel Pty Ltd

:: France >> Eka Voyages Co., Ltd

:: Singapore >> Golden M Premium Holidays Pte Ltd

:: Myanmar (Burma) >> Sweet Memory Travel Co., Ltd

:: Malaysia >> Marine Discovery Holidays Sdn Bhd

:: Korea >> Flutter Travel (BAYL Co., Ltd)

With nationwide affiliate offices and our global networks of Overseas Travel, our team is working for and on behalf of the overseas Tour Operators in each country where we are representing for. As such, Overseas Travel become a B2B Wholesale landtour, Ground Handling Agent & Representing for oversea’s Tour Operators to branding their Tour Products & Travel Packages in Vietnam. All types of travel arrangements are made for and on behalf of local Vietnam Tour Operators whether for FITs or GITs on an Outbound basic, thus our correspondence office become an Outbound Travel Agents to communicate and liaison with your Inbound team.


Our mission is to provide the ultimate travel planning experience, while becoming a one stop solution for every travel services available in the industry. From individual or group, family, airline tickets, hotels, worldwide luxury resorts, cruises, trains to car rentals and golf arrangements.


These core values have been co-created by & through all Overseas Travel team members and inspired by our common goals. These values play as the backbone of Overseas Travel spirit, practice and we will keep them alive every day.


We are honest to ourselves and others, do the right things and complete what we commit to doing. We follow our mottoes, policies, acknowledge any mistake and fix it. We keep our promises in order to build individual credibility as well as the reputation of our organization.


We offer a reliable and quality product and deliver it. We will be consistent, from our first impression to the final delivery and will provide a truly valuable experience that is worth every penny you spend with us.


We emphasize trust among our team so that each member is helpful and supportive of one to another. Working individually we cannot reach our common goals, only as a team can we succeed. We know how to share the difficulties, enjoy success together, and always show up with positive attitude. We are committed and accountable for positive results. We seek to make our work inspirational and to establish an active company culture.


Each work assignment we perform is governed by a well-built procedure. We strive to improve ourselves every day to provide the highest level of services and professional behavior to our clients, suppliers, partners and team members. We put a positive attitude to our work, and a positive discipline to ourselves, in all kinds of relationships.


We keep an open minded and listen well to our clients, partners, suppliers, team members. We respect each other’s values and strive to maximize those individual values. That’s how we broaden our diversity and enrich our minds to be able to provide the highest level of flexibility in dealing with clients, suppliers and our team members.