Asean Tourism Forum (ATF 2023) & TRAVEX

The ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) is the biggest annual tourism event in the ASEAN region. The event is attended by top industry policy makers, practitioners and suppliers of ASEAN-based tourism products and services. ATF includes dialogues among tourism government bodies and private sector organizations as well as a travel exchange (TRAVEX) among ASEAN exhibitors and international buyers from major travel markets.

Attending the framework of the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2023 in Indonesia, Vietnam wishes to seek opportunities for cooperation in the restoration and development of ASEAN in 2023.

TRAVEX is an annual international travel fair, a main activity of the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF). This is the oldest annual international tourism fair in the ASEAN region, with the participation of a large number of parties to introduce and sell tourism products in ASEAN.

The trade fair is professional, a place exclusively for sellers in ASEAN and buyers around the world to meet on the basis of appointments to exchange, buy and sell tourism products. Participation in the TRAVEX Fair has an important meaning in cooperation, exchange, exchange and tourism promotion in the ASEAN market.
Main activities of the 2023 TRAVEX Fair include: Exhibition, product introduction at the booth; meet buyers and sellers; press conferences of ASEAN national tourism agencies; and side seminars.
Source: TITC

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