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Happy Vietnam teacher’s day

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A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning !

Kính chúc cácThầy/ các Cô mạnh khỏe, vui vẻ, hạnh phúc và hoàn thành nhiệm vụ cao cả của mình trong sự nghiệp trăm năm trồng người xây dựng đất nước!

VIETNAM F1 GranPrix 2020

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from 3 – 5 APRIL 2020, early bird booking !!!

VIETNAM F1 GranPrix 2020
3days pass 3-5 April 2020
– General Admission
– Unreserved Grandstand
– Standard Grandstand
– Premium Grandstand

Contact us for early booking and tickets available

Experience Vietnamese cuisine

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Experience half a day learning to cook Vietnamese food, which is not new in the tours to Vietnam. The new thing that VN Holidays brings you this time is learn cooking from Vietnam’s best home chefs right in the comfort of their homes.

International visitors arrives to Viet Nam in March and 1st Quarter of 2019

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International visitors to Viet Nam in March and 3 months of 2019

International visitors to Viet Nam in March estimated 1,410,187 arrivals, decrease 11.2% over last month and up 5% over the same period last year. Total international arrivals in 3 months reached 4,500,114 arrivals, increase 7% over the same period last year.


March 2019(estimate)
Accrued for 3 months of 2019(Arrivals) March 2019 vs, February 2019 (%) March 2019 vs, March 2018 (%) 3 months 2019 vs, 3 months 2018(%)
Total 1.410.187 4.500.114 88,8 105,0 107,0
By means of transportation
1. By air 1,092,967 3,516,263 87.0 102.3 104.5
2. By sea 20,147 75,034 65.6 74.2 62.6
3. By road 297,073 908,817 98.6 120.1 126.2
By markets
1. Asia 1,067,426 3,390,392 87.5 103.6 107.5
Thailand 44,606 124,588 127.9 178.3 149.3
Taiwan 65,390 207,095 83.9 123.7 126.0
Philippines 13,430 42,128 103.8 127.7 124.8
Korea 335,612 1,107,794 87.6 123.0 124.1
Indonesia 8,379 24,366 135.7 125.7 117.2
Hong Kong 5,467 16,451 117.3 112.1 116.1
Malaysia 52,113 143,629 120.2 123.1 111.1
Japan 82,533 233,355 116.5 106.2 108.3
Singapore 24,651 68,259 133.7 110.8 100.7
China 391,185 1,281,073 75.8 86.0 94.4
Laos 7,869 26,570 66.1 48.9 77.6
Cambodia 10,774 33,991 78.7 48.9 50.2
Others 25,417 81,093 101.9 114.0 110.5
2.Americas 84,845 293,459 82.1 110.5 106.3
USA 61,619 219,700 79.6 110.3 107.9
Canada 17,212 53,765 89.7 111.9 105.6
Others 6,014 19,994 89.9 109.4 92.7
3. Europe 223,742 685,235 97.7 109.4 106.1
Norway 2,494 9,388 65.1 112.3 112.9
Switzerland 3,298 11,807 83.2 111.0 111.4
Denmark 5,264 16,962 84.4 110.4 110.8
Sweden 6,643 27,969 65.9 113.6 110.4
Italy 7,387 22,927 108.6 121.9 110.3
Spain 4,115 12,538 107.5 106.3 106.3
Germany 26,384 72,211 110.0 109.0 106.2
Russia 68,880 215,618 97.3 111.1 106.2
Holland 6,746 20,695 95.3 110.8 105.4
England 29,367 89,879 94.8 101.8 104.7
France 32,185 87,322 114.4 106.7 104.1
Belgium 2,549 7,650 100.5 104.6 101.0
Finland 3,081 11,594 79.7 94.4 94.3
Others 25,349 78,675 94.3 117.0 107.3
4. Oceania 30,855 119,327 93.3 107.0 100.2
New Zealand 2,856 10,551 104.8 111.0 102.9
Australia 27,899 108,522 92.1 106.5 100.0
Others 100 254 137.0 138.9 82.2
5. Africa 3,319 11,701 95.5 103.4 105.7


Source:  Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (TITC)

Thingyan Water Festival (Myanmar)

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Thingyan Water Festival 2019 – 2020 (from 13-16 April)

Maha Thingyan Water Festivalis one of the largest and most widely celebrated holidays in Myanmar.

Commonly referred to as the Water Festival, Maha Thingyan allows people to celebrate the Burmese New Year. Despite this, Maha Thingyan is observed in mid-April on the Gregorian calendar. While the Water Festival is a Buddhist event, the Burmese government has made it a legal public holiday. This ensures that many Burmese citizens have the opportunity to enjoy the Water Festival. Maha Thingyan is a time for happiness and friendly attitudes.

Thingyan Eve Celebrations

The first Thingyan celebrations begin on the day before the Water Festival. Thingyan Eve, or A-Kyo Nei, is a time for observing Buddhist beliefs.


Many Buddhists observe Thingyan Eve through fasting. People who decide to fast for Thingyan Eve usually eat a single basic meal prior to noon. This meal is often very bland.

Observing the Eight Precepts

During Thingyan Eve, Buddhists are expected to observe the Eight Precepts of Buddhism. These Eight Precepts are similar to the Five Precepts. While observing the Eight Precepts, Buddhists must do the following:

    • Refrain from killing living creatures
    • Refrain from stealing
    • Refrain from sexual activity
    • Refrain from lying or using incorrect speech
    • Refrain from using alcohol or drugs
    • Refrain from seeking entertainment
    • Refrain from eating during fasting periods
    • Refrain from sleeping on high places
  • Offerings to Monks

    Many people in Myanmar celebrate Thingyan Eve by visiting a Buddhist temple. When visiting these temples, it is considered proper to leave an offering of green coconuts and bananas. These kinds of offerings usually consist of a single green coconut surrounded by a circle of bananas.

  • Washing the Buddha

    Burmese people will also wash Buddha statues with sacred water that has been scented with flower extract. When washing Buddha statues, people start at the top by drizzling water over the head.

  • Night Celebrations

    After the religious formalities of Thingyan Eve have been observed, Burmese people begin to relax and enjoy themselves. There are many lively celebrations that occur during the night of Thingyan Eve.

  • Music, Song, and Dance

    While the Eight Precepts prohibit Buddhists from enjoying entertainment of any kind during the daytime, people are allowed to party to their hearts’ content as soon as night arrives. In nearly every village, city, and town in Myanmar, large stages are erected for the purpose of enjoying entertainment. These stages are made of wood and elaborately decorated with papier-mache and paint. Woman will dance to classical and contemporary music while wearing flower skirts. In addition to these flower skirts, Burmese women often wear padauck blossoms in their hair. The padauck blossom is also commonly referred to as the Thingyan flower due to its rarity and use during Maha Thingyan.

  • Parade of Locals

    After enjoying live music and dancing, people celebrating Maha Thingyan parade the streets of their town or city while enjoying alcohol and the company of their friends and family members. These parades often consist of vehicles and decorated floats. Gyat, a form of Burmese rap, is commonly performed during these parades. Gyat is fairly controversial because it is a popular way of expressing distaste for social and political issues through music.

Water Festival Celebrations

The primary event of Maha Thingyan is the Water Festival. This huge event is meant to celebrate the descent of Thagyamin, a celestial Buddhist figure, to Earth. The beginning of the Water Festival, or A-Kya Nei, is marked with the firing of a water cannon into a public area. While the cannon is fired, people run out to collect the water with pots and buckets. The collected water is then poured over the ground. This is followed by a short prayer. Just like Thingyan Eve, these religious rituals are followed by festive activities. Water throwing with toy guns, balloons, and hoses takes place in many areas of Myanmar.

Maha Thingyan is a Burmese public holiday that allows Buddhists to celebrate their religion while reconnecting with their cultural roots.


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“Swing for Vietnam 2019”

Swing for Vietnamese Young Golf future

On May 10, the golf tournament “Swing for Vietnam – Because Vietnam Young Golf Future 2019” will take place at Long Thanh golf course to continue the goal towards young golf.

The tournament is expected to involve 144 golfers and promises to have unique programs that bring many interesting and memorable experiences to players.

Combined with the Mercedes Trophy Qualifier, the golfers who own the best-performing Mercedes in the tournament will receive a ticket to the Mercedes 2019 Final. Besides, the player also has the opportunity to win a Hole-in prize- One value is the luxury Mercedes car and many other attractive gifts.

In addition to the award items, at the Gala Dinner will take place the auction program to raise funds for the nation’s youth tournament.

For registration & payment contact:
Ms. Payment: 039 665 8589 – email:
Ms Vy: 0938 170 996 – email:
For tour arrangements & logistic matter: VN Holidays

Promote cooperation between Vietnam International Tourism Association (VITA) and Vietnam Journey Culture & Tourism TV channel

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Promote cooperation between Vietnam Tourism Association and Vietnam Journey culture & tourism TV channel

In the framework of the Vietnam International Travel Mart 2019 (VITM 2019), on the morning of March 27, 2019, at the Hanoi Friendship Cultural Palace, the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between Vietnam Tourism Association and the Television Channel Vietnam Journey & Tourism.

Attending the signing ceremony were Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thien – Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Mr. Le Quang Tung – Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Mr. Nguyen The Ky – General Director of Voice of Vietnam Radio; Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hung – Member of the National Assembly’s Committee for Education, Culture, Youth, Youth and Children; Mr. Ha Van Sieu – Deputy Director General of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism; leaders of Vietnam Tourism Association, functional departments under the General Department of Tourism; Central and local newspaper reporters.

The signing ceremony aims to strengthen the coordination between the Vietnam Tourism Association and the Television Channel of Voice of Vietnam Special “Culture – Tourism” (Vietnam Journey), providing quick and accurate information on activities. movement of the tourism industry; disseminating guidelines and policies of the Party, policies and laws of the State; create a forum of tourism and labor enterprises in the tourism industry to implement tourism development tasks in line with the country’s socio-economic development strategy.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Vu The Binh – Standing Vice President of Vietnam Tourism Association highly appreciated the communication work to promote and promote tourism. Communication not only introduces tourism but also inspires visitors to travel, encouraging people to change their views and attitudes towards visitors. He affirmed that Vietnam Tourism Association will always accompany Vietnam Voice Station, Culture – Tourism TV Channel, calling on enterprises to actively participate in the propaganda and promotion activities of Vietnam Journey.

General Director of Voice of Vietnam Radio Nguyen The Ky expressed his pleasure that the Culture and Tourism Channel has been selected as the main communication partner to promote the Vietnam Tourism Fair. He hoped the new cooperation agreement signed between the two units would bring good results.

Source: VNAT (TITC)



DPRK-USA Summit in Ha Noi, Viet Nam

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DPRK-USA Summit – significant opportunity for Viet Nam tourism

National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) organized a press conference on the occasion of the DPRK-USA Summit in Ha Noi on 27-28 February.


Vice Chairman of VNAT Ha Van Sieu emphasized that the global event of DPRK-USA Summit receiving the attention of the whole world offers historical opportunity to promote stunning images of the Vietnamese country and people to international friends.

VNAT coordinated with Viet Nam Association of Tourism (VITA) to implement promotional activities like preparing information desk on Viet Nam tourism at the International Media Centre, providing free tours for international reporters and tourists… All best and thoughtful preprarations by Viet Nam tourism aim at promoting Ha Noi and Viet Nam as a peaceful, friendly and hospitable destination, informed Mr. Sieu.

There will be about 3,000 international reporters from media agencies worldwide coming to Viet Nam to propagandize this global event and introduce Ha Noi, Viet Nam. They will have the occasion to explore attractions, unique tourist products and services of Ha Noi and some destinations in Viet Nam. VNAT and VITA selected Hanoitourist and Saigontourist to organize such free tours for international reporters as Ha Noi city tour, Café Ha Noi, Bat Trang, Ha Long, Ninh Binh…

Vice Chairman Ha Van Sieu delivering speech at the press conference

VNAT also provided information on Viet Nam tourism (videos, Viet Nam Tour Guide e-publication), connecting website ( with the international press registration page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (

At the International Media Centre, in collaboration with the Department of International Cooperation (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), VNAT set up exhibition space for introducing heritage and destinations of all regions in Viet Nam; trying 360-degree virtual reality experience of Vietnamese attractive destinations; giving souvenirs to reporters.

After the event, VNAT will organize a series of tourism promotional campaigns in the US, Russia, Korea and Japan, where VNAT will introduce the host of DPRK-USA Summit in Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

Soure: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (TITC)

An Bang beach (Hoi An) again voted among beautiful beaches in Asia

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An Bang beach again voted among beautiful beaches in Asia

An Bang beach in central Viet Nam has been voted among the 25 best beaches in Asia by readers of Trip Advisor, the world’s most popular travel guide and review website.


The beach, which is around 3km from the World Heritage ancient town of Hoi An and 22 kilometres south of the central city of Da Nang, is in 17th position, up five places from last year.

This is the fourth consecutive year An Bang (Hoi An) has won a place in the list.

Those who voted for the beach said it is one of the few white-sand beaches left in Viet Nam that hasn’t been spoiled by the boom in beach tourism. The best time to visit this beach is between May and September.

An Bang first came into international limelight when CNN listed it as one of the 100 best beaches on earth in 2011.

Radhanagar Beach in India’s Andaman Islands topped this year’s TripAdvisor list, followed by Kelingking Beach in Bali, Nai Harn Beach in Thailand and Agonda Beach, also in India.

Source: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism  (TITC)

Vietnamese culture being introduced at Francophone Festival in France

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Vietnamese culture introduced at Francophone Festival in France

Vietnamese folk music, handicrafts and traditional Ao dai (long dress) have been introduced in the Francophone Festival that took place in Yèbles commune, Seine et Marne province of France on March 23-24.


Yèbles Mayor Marieme Tamata-Varin said that she is delighted that Viet Nam has joined the event for the second time with a well-organised pavilion introducing the country and people.

She underlined that the presence of Viet Nam, a member of the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF) has greatly contributed to the event’s success.

She added that the festival is a good chance for locals and international visitors to get better understanding of the cultural identity of Viet Nam.

According to Ambassador Tran Thi Hoang Mai, head of the Vietnamese Permanent Delegation to the UNESCO, said that the festival is an opportunity for international friends to share and experience different cultures in the world.

She said she hopes that the festival will help attract more foreign tourists to Viet Nam to further explore the unique cultural identities of the country.

The biennial event drew about 30 OIF member countries and organisations.

Since 1970, French-speaking people around the globe have celebrated the International Francophonie Day in March, making it a chance to show their love to the language and affirm the solidarity with each other, as well as their wish to live together in difference and diversity, with values of the world and humankind upheld.

Source: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism  (TITC)